The straw hat, whether wide-brimmed or narrow, colorful or super minimal, is the must-have and chic accessory of every summer.

To be worn on the beach to shelter from the sun with charm and style, or in seaside resorts to walk in the open air, the straw hat can not miss for the most glamorous holiday looks.

The result of refined straw weaving, it is a real reminder of nature, to be worn especially on hot summer days. Accessory of character, essential to live the hot summer even in the city, an absolutely glamorous solution to protect themselves from the hot rays of the sun playing with style.

A woman's hat with a classic style, timeless, revisited by Complit with new proportions and color games for the spring summer collection. The style on the beach is declined with multiple tastes, discover the perfect straw hats for your vacations!

Discover the straw hats


The neutral colours of straw and raffia are coloured with vibrant grosgrain trimmings with a summery flavour. Details in bright, vibrant colours to match your swimming costume or sarong. The Spiqqo model will win you over with its refined and sophisticated style: a unisex straw hat for vital summer looks.

The straw hat has never been a better ally, perfect to wear with sunglasses and slave sandals, to dare and amaze with glamorous accessories.


That the straw hat is a precious headgear is given for certain. So how to enhance it by matching it with the right outfit?

Aperitif on the beach? Perfect a wide-brimmed straw hat or a sophisticated straw visor, to be matched with a swimsuit and a pareo; it will surely be able to give that extra touch of class that will make the beach outfit perfect even after sunset.

A walk in the city? In this case you can really indulge in creating different effortless chic looks. A light dress, a colorful top, a gypsy skirt, in short, the straw hat in the city is perfect with any outfit. The important thing is not to make the look too monotonous, so not recommended the combination with other accessories or shoes of the same material or similar.

And in the evening? The straw hat is able to make unique even an evening look. An elegant and modern model, such as the Leviola straw hat for women is perfect to be combined with a refined dress and give a unique allure. A really chic choice.