Every event, ceremony or wedding is a good opportunity to show off hats of all shapes and colors.

If you are planning to take part in a fairly formal wedding and would like to take this opportunity to show off a beautiful ceremonial hat, here is all you need to know to make a great impression.

Black, white and outfits too sensual, but also leather shoes and shoulder bags should be avoided. And what about the hats?

Discover the cerimonial hats


  • The golden rule n.1: the guests can wear the hat only if it will be worn by the mother of the bride. No gaffes I recommend!
  • The hat can be worn for summer weddings that take place in the morning, but it is not polite to wear it after the sunset.
  • At a wedding, the hat should be worn for the entire duration of the ceremony and taken off at the table during the reception, if it is indoors.


  • The ceremonial hat must be chosen with the same care that is dedicated to the rest of the outfit.

  • The hair accessory should therefore be coordinated with the style of the ceremony.

  • It must certainly be combined with the rest of the outfit but it doesn’t necessarily have to be the same color. The rule that black is banned from the dress code of weddings and ceremonies remains valid. Rien à faire!

  • For a good result, the hat must be proportionate to the silhouette.

  • Wide-brimmed models will give you if you are tall enough, while if you are more minute, it is better to focus on tight braces.

  • Watchword: elegance!


  • The hat doesn’t replace a well-groomed hairstyle, which must be chosen in order to allow you to wear it comfortably.

  • If you want to show off an updo, orient yourself on chignon or weaving on the nape because the hat should be worn on the top of the head, slightly pulling the central part towards the forehead, then the nape remains free. Hats with a very wide brim should be slightly inclined towards one ear, so the hairstyle can develop on the opposite side.

  • Loose hair? No problem, but remember a comb in your handbag for a freshener once the hat is removed.


Wide brimmed hat: A real status symbol in the past years, now defined as a must-have that exerts an undeniable charm on glamorous women with a refined style. Ideal for weddings in the countryside, on a farm and outdoors, it can not be worn with a long train, the maximum length allowed is in fact ankles height.

Medium brimmed hat: This model can be combined with Empire style dresses. A bourgeois hat but at the same time versatile. Very often brides who don't want to give up either the hat or the veil, apply a removable clip on the back so that you can detach the veil, once you arrive at the reception.

Hat with veil: Triumph of the bon ton and vintage mood, often worn by brides and guests. Glamor and refined with a vintage dress, short, or with a linear and minimal cut. It can be worn only in the afternoon or evening and never for a day reception.